168 Hours of Prayer

168 Hours of Prayer


This Sunday, January 25, starts an amazing week of almost continuous ministry in our CCF facility. It is a week where we welcome persons to make their home in our facility who struggle to attain and keep an address and safe place of their own. True, they need to leave in the daytime in encouragement to be about other responsibilities and productivity in life. But for this week, we are their home.

What is occurring in the physical next week is a sign of God's intent for CCF rooted in the spiritual realm. Many people wander aimlessly in their relationship with God. They are unaware or unwilling to enter in and find forgiveness and reconciliation through Jesus; Not understanding that the event of surrendering our heart is the beginning of an ongoing and ever- enlarging process of our lives, increasingly under renovation by and held in the grip of God's created purposes and grace for us.

Jesus said that his house is to be called a house of prayer for the nations, so that whoever we are and wherever we are from, we have a place of welcome and belonging in the house of the Lord God. Of course, our church building represents that house of God that in actuality is our network of relationships committed to the Lordship of Jesus and the active presence of his Holy Spirit flowing through us.

Late one night after a long day of activity Jesus said to his disciples: let's go into the garden and pray. Can you watch and pray with me for one hour?

This is the invitation question that I want to pose to each one of you:

  • Will you watch and pray for one hour this week that CCF becomes a home for people who are wandering and aimless in their spiritual journeys? 
  • And that God would use CCF to bring JESUS centered purpose and clear hope filled horizons that delivers the healing shalom of God into each of our lives and through us in whatever ways of God's choosing? 

This prayer I am calling for us to focus on this week is a specific form of our CCF Circle Prayer:

"Lord come fill the space

With your presence
With people energetically engaged with you

Use me to answer this prayer in whatever way you choose"

Let me say the same thought in different words: Will you agree to pray for one hour this week that CCF will become even more effective at welcoming and including people who are seeking Jesus?

Pray from this central prayer into whatever direction God leads you.   Please make a record of the essence of what you are asking God in your hour of prayer and how you feel him speaking back to you in return. Please pass it along to me.

You can pray in whatever place you choose. I am especially inviting you to come and spend the hour of prayer at CCF in our worship center. There will be a journal for you to sign in the time that you're there and record the essence of your prayer. There will be some prayer suggestions for you to use in what ever way you sense God's leading or to simply not use those and pray from the internal unction of the Spirit within you.

I believe it would please the Lord if in the 168 hours of this week that as a church body we log 168 hours of prayer.

Some of you may feel nudged to pray for more than an hour. That is welcomed! After all, Jesus asked his disciples to spend the hour three times. So maybe in the week he's calling you to spend three hours in prayer or to spend one hour every day of the week focusing on this specific prayer for CCF?

Blackout hours at the CCF worship center are only when we are hosting other church groups:

So this is when the worship center is available:
Sunday 9 PM until Tuesday 6 PM.
Tuesday 10 PM until Thursday 6 PM
Thursday 10 PM until Friday 6 PM
Friday 10 PM until Saturday 6 AM
Saturday midnight until Sunday 9 AM

Come by yourself or come with others.

Hear this plea from JESUS:
Will you watch and pray with me for one hour?

Pastor Glenn

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