Capital Christian Fellowship is a church of the nations and for the nations called to love God, love people and live as Jesus followers in ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic diversity and grow into ever increasing healing from life's brokenness and ever growing equipping as ambassadors to serve Christ in his glocal mission.

We are a diverse group of over 20 nations and multiple denomination backgrounds.  We unite around the Lordship of Jesus and his active Spirit work in the world and our lives today based in the authority of the Bible.

Theologically centered in a Spirit led, person of Jesus centered Anabaptist theological stream.  Organizationally we are part of the Washington - Baltimore district of Lancaster Mennonite Conference.  Our pastors are credentialed through Lancaster Mennonite Conference accountability.

We began as an expression of mission in Cottage City, MD, a near suburb of Washington DC in December 1925. We ministered into the surrounding neighborhood and supported international missions.  In 1995 we moved close to the DC Beltway and were blessed with a growing ethnic diversity.  Today we have no majority culture or denomination background.  We encourage each person to come with an openness to the Spirit of God as whoever you are, contribute it into the whole of who we are, and allow God to provide the blend and mix into who God is causing us to become.