Adult Electives


 EP is an 8 week course that discusses God's story, CCF's story, and how your story connects into those two stories.  Led by Entry Point coaches who get to know you and provide relational connection to help you get to know CCF in depth.  This is our required class for partnership but we encourage to take the class and decide about partnership after you attend, get to ask your questions, and become involved in the church.

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 Bible Study
Interactive class of inductive study of the Bible.  The class selects a portion of the Bible to study and moves through section by section bringing out the themes, context, and meaning for our lives today.


The Art of Marriage

A ten session course set in a fantastic atmosphere. You will be served with a candlelit coffee, tea and dessert at a romantic table for two while listening to practical talks that are informative and fun, live with media aids.
 Why do the course?

  • Regular check-ups help a car run smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdown.
  • The best sports professionals spend hours being coached and perfecting their technique.
  • The greatest achievements in life take practice, training and dedication.

It is the same with marriage. A strong, loving and lifelong relationship doesn’t happen by chance. It takes effort and dedication to keep the fun and romance alive. We can all learn how to make even the happiest marriage better.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

The goal of  ESL is to improve the students' level of English. CCF's ESL class teaches different language skills, depending on students' English abilities, interests, and needs. We teach conversational English, grammar, reading, listening comprehension, writing, and vocabulary.

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