December 5, 2014

December 5, 2014

Dear CCF Family,

Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly…

This phrase from the book of Colossians in the Bible keeps resonating in my heart and mind. It is a word to me personally that I immerse in the Word of God, not to the exclusion of being aware of and participating in the world but that I participate in the relationships around me with the qualitative difference that how I do so is infused with both the attitudes and words of the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

It is also a word to us as a body that we allow the Word written to dwell in us. Dwell is a word that is not completed by a quick microwave attention. Dwell is more like the long smoke on ribs or the overnight marinate before cooking. The flavor settles in and becomes part of. The Word written is the authoritative standard because of the inspiration of the Word living, that is Jesus as his Spirit empowering our lives interlacing with our spirits and changing who we are and how we see people and situations around us.

As the word of Christ dwells richly it builds up and changes the flavor of our lives. Our actions and our attitudes are touched and changed. The hate and fear (OK lets say suspicion and anxiousness if those words are too strong) of our culture around us is no longer the environment that is filling our minds and numbing our souls so that the limited culturally induces options appears all that is available to choose.

Dwelling is not the same as studying the Word to bolster my opinion. Study to see what the Bible says in depth on an issue is valuable, but alone it is dangerous. Wielding truth by the wrath of man rather than the righteousness of God is destructive and contaminating to the body of Christ.

When the Word dwells richly new possibilities open up. To switch the analogy we are on a new operating system, a new way of seeing the world and interacting in it.

What I am talking about makes a difference in how we view life, whether it is what comes to us through the news or our Facebook time or even the most personal family matters. The difference is because it commits to Christ rather than to a cause. The WORD ultimately is a person, and His name is JESUS.

Lord God, let your word dwell in us richly…

Pastor Glenn

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