Serving in Sacrificial God Honoring Ways

Serving in Sacrificial God Honoring Ways

Dear CCF Family,

Today this letter is a two-sided call.  May God grant discernment to each of us as to which side of this message we need to hear.

Pastor Caleb told me that for the 10th Anniversary @ Greenbelt Rd celebration, 37 people responded to the call to serve in order for that event to happen.  That is a number that is a growth from previous events.  Thank-you, may you be encouraged.

In other ways a number of you are serving in sacrificial God honoring ways.  At 1/2 Time! Wednesday evening, Wilma Johnson jokingly came to me and reminded me that she was one of the persons that asked me to restart the "Life: Q&D" 1/2 Time! class that we started again Wednesday evening after an almost two year absence.  But ,Wilma had committed to work in the nursery so she could not be part of the class she lamented.  "God must want me in the nursery", she said.

I share that exchange between her and me to say that Wilma gets it; Service is not always convenient and indeed does take sacrifice.  Jesus is allowed to ask that of us when he is our LORD.  There are other names I could have used as well with your acts of service.

The Word of God says: be not weary in doing good, you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.

Simultaneously I think there is an effort to get us to retreat and crawl back into comfortable Christianity, that church exists for my comfort and blessing; that is, we are tempted to look at church as a consumer rather than as a member of the house that takes responsibility and sees that all is tended to.

Perhaps you are among those that have not yet noticed the difference and you are still feeling that you are doing what God expects by simply showing up on Sunday when you have no schedule conflicts.

I want to invite us all to come before the Lord Jesus, who loves us and gives himself for us, and ask: "What am I doing that I should be giving up for you to spend more time in service with your body or reaching out to others in your name?"  That is the body of Christ here on this earth to do the continuing work of Jesus in this world.

For some, you will hear the whisper: Be still, and know that I am God. For others, you will hear the words: Let the children come unto me; And you will recognize it as the voice of Jesus asking for your involvement in the children's ministry.  Or perhaps you will hear some other phrase calling you to somewhere else-like at the park in DC on Saturday mornings or you will catch hold of the outreach your circle should be initiating in the coming months.

God is designing us and growing us as a ministering body with each of us active in serving and loving in words and deeds.  Let's cooperate with this call since it is part of what it means to become like Jesus and live as a disciple.


Pastor Glenn

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